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2018 Mid-Year Review and Outlook: What’s Working, or Not, and Why

August 24, 2018

Slightly more than halfway through the year, it is an opportune time to review important events and driving forces behind global capital markets and how that translates to your investment portfolio. We will also share our outlook for the remainder of this year.

Year to date 2018 is proving to be the antithesis to 2017. Capital markets experienced sustained volatility February – June triggered by fears of significantly accelerating inflation from wage growth and geopolitical threats. Investor sentiment has been pessimistic largely due to worries about adverse consequences from trade tariffs and incessant political drama in Washington. Surprisingly, capital markets are showing resilience. Despite sustained confusion and volatility in markets stemming from conflicted investor sentiment, markets are behaving rationally due to exceptionally powerful underlying fundamental forces.


These fundamental forces help establish the context to more easily understand an attribution analysis of investment results year to date.



OUTLOOK FOR 3Q / 4Q 2018

This is our outlook for key events and driving forces in the remainder of this year:

We continue to remain focused on constructing investment portfolios that incorporate passive index strategies and actively managed strategies as cost efficiently as possible. We are proactive in our asset allocations and oversight of fund managers relative to developing conditions in capital markets. The remainder of the year will continue to be fluid and dynamic.

Do not hesitate to contact us with market-related questions, or to reach out to your Advisor to discuss how this translates to you specifically.

We always appreciate your trust and confidence, and the opportunity to work for you.

Scott M. Bogan serves as a Wealth Advisor and Capital Markets Strategist with GYL Resnick in Westport, CT.  You can email Scott at

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