A closer look at estate and gift tax planning

January 11, 2022

Strategic gifting can be a great way to reduce the overall tax burden of your estate while helping to invest in the future of your children or grandchildren. These gifts can come in several forms, from tuition payments to medical payments, and even placing assets in trust for future use by the beneficiary.

These myriad options also come with a variety of complexities and planning considerations that you’ll need to consider to maximize the estate tax benefits of these gifts—and minimize your gift tax burden as well. In this white paper, 2022 Estate and Gift Tax Planning, we outline the key considerations and relevant sections of the tax code that you’ll need to keep in mind before gifting assets to a loved one. To download the full white paper, click the link below; if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Wealth Advisors.

Download the white paper