Intensive Education Academy

August 29, 2017

GYL Financial Synergies recognizes that children are our future, and because of that we believe it is very important to be actively involved in our community’s educational programs. The Intensive Education Academy (“IEA”) is a local area school in which GYL has taken an active interest. Besides financially participating in STARS, IEA’s annual fundraiser, one of GYL’s Senior Managing Directors, Michael Lepore, is the current President, former Vice President and long-time Board member of IEA.

Based in West Hartford, CT, IEA’s mission is to provide education and support to students diagnosed with: Autism, Developmental Delay, Dyslexia, Mild Emotional Disturbance, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disability, Visual or Hearing Impairment, Orthopedic Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Disabilities, and/or OHI-ADD/ADHD. Each student is encouraged to strive to be the best individual they can be and prepare for their future.

As stated by Michael, “The school’s support for students and encouragement of them to actualize on their potential is inspirational. It is also consistent with GYL’s philosophy of encouraging team members to be the very best version that they can be individually and collectively”.