Don’t Miss Gerry on the Mindy Diamond Podcast

August 5, 2021

Mindy Diamond is a nationally recognized recruiter for financial advisors and a highly respected figure in the industry. Her podcast guests are a veritable who’s-who of key individuals in the independent wealth management space. 

Recently, Gerry Goldberg joined Mindy to discuss the origins of GYL. As part of this podcast, he reviewed several topics including his and Jon Yolles’ career trajectories, their 18 years with Wells Fargo, how it shaped their approach to wealth management and their decision to strike out on their own and co-found GYL Financial Synergies in 2016. Gerry and Mindy also discussed the firm’s continued growth and evolution in the five years since its inception and what he envisions for the future of the firm. 

The conversation between Gerry and Mindy is full of unique and valuable insights, and it is well worth a listen. Listen to the episode here: