GYL Financial Synergies Launches Family Office Solution

October 31, 2022

Offering to Support the Unique Financial Needs of High-Net-Worth-Individuals & Families

West Hartford, CT — GYL Financial Synergies, the independent operated fee-only registered investment advisory firm, announced today that it has launched a family office solution that is specifically designed for high-net-worth families.

“Often is the case that successful, high-net-worth, individuals and families have remarkably complex financial pictures,” says Gerald B. Goldberg, the firm’s CEO & Co-Founder. “Their unique investment and governance needs require a greater degree of infrastructure and personalized service, and GYL’s family office team and platform will provide it.”

The core members of GYL Financial Synergies had worked together for more than 20 years, and in 2016 the firm formally launched as a partner firm of Focus Financial Group, serving individuals, families, and institutional investors across the country. Since then, GYL has grown considerably, successfully merging with Resnick Advisors in 2019 and with Wechter Feldman Wealth Management in 2021. The delivery of a family office solution represents the next step in the ongoing evolution of GYL Financial Synergies and the value it brings to its clientele.

The family office team and state of the art technology platform will help clients to:

  1. Simplify Life by providing high touch services including consolidated financial reporting, bill pay/payroll, data aggregation, transaction processing and integrated strategy.
  2. Provide them with a digital Family Office platform that enables clients to: (i) view and share a blueprint of their financial, investment and legal structure; (ii)mitigate risk and facilitate coordination and oversight of vendors through the creation of standard operating procedures and workflows.

With the GYL Family Office, high-net-worth individuals and families—both in the U.S. and overseas—gain access to custom solutions and personalized services, including family governance, philanthropic planning, financial and tax planning, and investment management, all delivered by a team of dedicated financial professionals. In essence, the GYL Family Office will handle all of your family’s financial needs which is captured in this quote from Goldberg, “Let our family take care of your family, so you can focus on what matters most to you.”

GYL Financial Synergies, LLC is an independent registered investment advisory firm with $5.1 billion of assets under management and $2.5 billion of assets under advisement as of October 24, 2022. GYL Financial Synergies is a part of Focus Financial Partners, a leading partnership of independently managed wealth management firms. Learn more about GYL Financial Synergies at

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