GYL Financial Synergies Partners with Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, and More Perfect Partner to Expand National Youth Community Service Opportunities

May 31, 2024

GYL Financial Synergies is honored to have partnered with The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, and More Perfect in hosting Connecticut’s first Symposium on Public Service on Wednesday, May 28th at The University of Hartford’s 1877 Club. Honorable guest speakers were present at the occasion, including several state and national leaders: Governor Ned Lamont, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Congressman John Larson, AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith, Hartford Mayor Arunan Arulampalam, and West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor to name a few. During the symposium, they outlined plans for new service opportunities in Connecticut and nationally. Over 175 guests were present at the event which spanned from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM.  

We are especially proud to recognize our CEO, Gerald Goldberg and his wife Karen for being part of the leadership team that is working on expanding public service opportunities for young adults across the United States and in the State of Connecticut in particular! The national strategy is focused on doubling the number of civilian national service opportunities for young adults from 125,000 to 250,000 by 2026 with the ultimate goal of expanding the number of service opportunities to 1,000,000 within a decade. The magic of public service is the transformative effect it has on the communities that benefit from its efforts and contributions as well as on the individuals engaged in service programs through paid and volunteer positions. We hope that the Connecticut symposium catalyzes further momentum in expanding public service opportunities that will contribute positively to workforce development, leadership development for youth, and help bridge gaps by connecting people from different walks of life.  

Thank you to all who participated, attended, and helped facilitate this wonderful symposium and helping to bolster Connecticut as a leading state in public service reform and expansion!  

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