GYL visits local school with Junior Achievement

June 15, 2022

GYL’s Rachelle Sevrin, Steven Ulbrich and Rosa Cadena visited K.T. Murphy Elementary School in Stamford, CT on May 20, 2022, with Junior Achievement to teach 2nd graders about their community.

The program, JA Our Community, “emphasizes work readiness intersected with standards based social studies learning objectives”. [1]  The day was split into five sessions ranging from who and what contributes to a community, how to produce goods, paying taxes on earned money, government jobs and how to vote.

Rachelle had the following to say about her experience, “My first volunteer experience was nothing short of amazing! I was given the opportunity to educate 2nd grade students about the fundamentals of financial responsibility.  I hope they remember our “JA in a Day” session, and I wish them a healthy financial future!”

We’re proud of team members contributing to the future minds of our community.

[1] JA Our Community Program Overview Kid Based version 9/2014