More Perfect Webinar

January 11, 2023


Politically and culturally, American society is more polarized than ever before. It has become increasingly difficult for Americans with different beliefs and worldviews to find common ground, and it feels like the divide between citizens is widening by the day. The 250th anniversary of America’s independence is fast approaching—but if we don’t take steps to restore faith in this nation’s institutions and values, American democracy as we know it may not survive much longer.

Like all of us, GYL co-founder & CEO Gerry Goldberg is alarmed by the recent repeated assaults on democratic norms and the increasing toxicity of our social and political discourse. Gerry and his wife Karen decided to take action, which led to a connection with More Perfect, a nonprofit and non-partisan group dedicated to restoring the values upon which this great nation was built.

More Perfect initiative is a national campaign to align American citizens and institutions around a shared vision for our democracy by focusing on five Sustainable Democracy Goals:

  1. Universal Civic Learning
  2. Expanded Service to the Nation
  3. Increased Social Trust
  4. Fair Elections and Effective Governance
  5. Increased trust in accurate news and information

As a member of More Perfect’s National Leadership Council, Gerry is focusing on national service: fostering a culture of volunteerism as a way to combat polarization, bridge divides, and build a stronger nation. In a recent webinar, Gerry sat down with Alan Khazei, co-founder & former CEO of City Year (a New York City-based education nonprofit) and a founding partner of More Perfect. Gerry and Alan discussed the importance of national service, the impact it can have in restoring American democratic values, and how Gerry and GYL Financial Synergies plan to promote a culture of volunteerism in the greater Hartford community.

The erosion of American values is a crisis that affects every American, regardless of their political beliefs—and the only way to solve it is by working together. We encourage you to Click here to view this valuable discussion; to learn more about More Perfect and the five Sustainable Democracy Goals, visit