Cyber and Personal Security During COVID and Beyond

August 7, 2020

On July 28th, we held a webinar covering the current risks and best practices to protect yourself in a time of increasing cyber fraud as well as elder exploitation. We discussed how cyber fraudsters target their victims, execute their schemes, and the key steps you should be taking to protect yourself.

For clients who missed this event and would like to see the replay, please send a request to to obtain the password for this webinar.



The event featured Claire F. McDonald, Managing Director & Senior Institutional Consultant at GYL, along with Gary Rossi, who brings over 30 years of experience as a private sector and Law Enforcement security professional. Gary spent over 14 years in Federal law enforcement as a Special Agent with the FBI, working as the Chief of the FBI’s Undercover & Sensitive Operations group.

Watch the webinar recording to learn…

  • The key pieces to your personal defensive strategy
  • How to manage your digital footprint
  • Ways to identify elderly exploitation
  • How to vet household help and others who can access to your data