ESG Investing: Strategies and Solutions

March 26, 2021

ESG investing is an approach to asset selection that includes environmental, social, and governance criteria in the asset screening and selection process. At GYL, we have overseen ESG-screened investments for many years, and we are excited to announce our new ESG solution. By combining our proprietary “best in class” asset allocation and investment screening process with core principles of responsible investing, our ESG solution will give investors the opportunity to align their investments with the things that matter most to them.



On Thursday, March 25th, we held a webinar with industry veterans Megan Fielding, CIMA® (Senior Director of Responsible Investing at Nuveen), and Joshua Kazdin, CFA® (Director and Head of Climate Research at BlackRock), to discuss the ESG investing boom and GYL’s new ESG investing solutions. Specifically, we covered:

  • What is ESG investing and why does it matter? 
  • Current trends and opportunities within the ESG market
  • If ESG factors are utilized, are concessionary returns inevitable?
  • Strategies for aligning your investments with the things that matter most to you and your family