Webinar Recording – Misinformation – Multiple Threats and Emerging Mitigation Strategies

April 4, 2022

Misleading news articles. Viral social media posts containing false information. Fake social media accounts run by bad actors. Misinformation takes many forms, and it constitutes a major threat to democratic institutions and our free market system.

We recently held an important webinar to discuss misinformation. Moderated by Gerald B. Goldberg, JD, CIMA®, this webinar featured many key insights from Dr. Rebekah Tromble (Professor, George Washington University) and Diana Aviv (CEO, Partnership for American Democracy).

Specifically, they explained:

  • How misinformation can disrupt entire political and economic systems
  • An overview and analysis of current misinformation threats
  • Emerging policy solutions and strategies to mitigate the effects of misinformation
  • Strategies to build personal and community resilience to misinformation in all its forms

Meet the Presenters

Gerald B. Goldberg, JD, CIMA®

Gerald B. Goldberg, JD, CIMA® is CEO and Co-Founder of GYL Financial Synergies, where he provides the vision required to move the firm forward, and the leadership necessary to deliver on GYL’s core promise: to be a firm with a conscience that puts client’s interests first. In addition to his primary role as CEO, he provides wealth advisory services to a variety of clientele, including corporations, municipalities, self-insurance funds, non-profit organizations, and high-net-worth private clients. A believer in taking a process-driven approach to asset management, Gerry emphasizes advice covering investment policy, asset allocation, investment selection, and oversight in each engagement.

From 2010 to 2016, Gerry was recognized six times by Barron’s as one of “The Top 1,200 Advisors” (formerly “The Top 1,000 Advisors”) in the nation. He was also recognized by Financial Times as being among the “Top 400 U.S. Advisors of 2014.”

Dr. Rebekah Tromble

Dr. Rebekah Tromble is Director of the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics and Associate Professor in the School of Media & Public Affairs at George Washington University. Her research focuses on political communication, digital research methodology, and research ethics, with particular interests in political discourse on social media, as well as the impacts of exposure to online disinformation and abusive content. Dr. Tromble is currently leading a team of international researchers from both the social and computer sciences to investigate the “health” of political conversations on Twitter. She is also leads Expert Voices Together, a project funded by the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator program, developing a rapid response system to support journalists, scientists, public health officials, and other experts facing campaigns of online harassment. Dr. Tromble consults regularly for industry and policymakers, particularly on topics of digital platform accountability, responsible data access and use, and best practices for combating the effects of disinformation. She is also a member of the European Digital Media Observatory’s Advisory Board.

Diana Aviv

Diana Aviv is CEO of the Partnership for American Democracy. She previously served as CEO of Feeding America, the largest anti-hunger organization in the United States, from 2015-2018. For twelve years, Diana was President & CEO of Independent Sector, the leadership forum for foundations, nonprofits and corporate giving programs. In 2010, President Obama appointed her to the White House Council for Community Solutions, which mobilizes citizens, nonprofits, businesses, and government to solve community needs. Previously, Diana served as Vice President for public policy and Director of the Washington Action Office for the Jewish Federations of North America. She was formerly Associate Executive Vice Chair at the Jewish Council of Public Affairs, Director of Programs for the National Council of Jewish Women, and Director of a comprehensive program to serve battered women and their families.